Energy By Tapping EFT by Bless This House, Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life
As a service for energy healing, Bless This House now offers Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) appointments for clients to learn how to move through grief, trauma and virtually any difficult emotional blockage.

Energy Tapping and EFT is an marvelous, fast healing resource with clinical studies to back it up. (Study links listed below) It's been used to help heal veterans with PTSD; victims of rape, addiction, depression, anxiety, physical pain and the list goes on.

Energy EFT is now offered by Denise Lucille. Please fill out the  contact form below to receive more information. I work by Skype and in person in the greater Raleigh/Durham NC area.

As we move through grief and trauma and shame, we automatically take control of our lives. EFT is the most effective, fast, drug free, easy way to do this.

EFT has been used with some of the survivors of the most difficult life shattering events with extrodinary healing effects. EFT allows us to look at other ways to reach the root of our pain and release the emotional impact before being forced to resort to dangerous  or addictive drug therapy as the first line of defense.

Take a look at how EFT was able to help so many survivors of the Sandy Hook, CT school shootings. Can you think of anything more traumatic for a child than to witness such horror? But then to find a natural drug free healing mechanism as the first line of defense?


To imagine that in as little as one session of EFT, you can eliminate the trauma behind something that has held you emotionally hostage all your life... and it's only the beginning on how it can help in so many other areas of our lives; from weight loss, to addiction to fear, trauma and so much more. 

Read some of the clinical studies on pub med to see how EFT has healed many from severe PTSD! Amazing, fast, miraculous drug free treatment for those times when you just want to get past the pain.


A wonderful resource to get acquainted and learn more about EFT and Tapping is The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner. A wonderful EFT Introductory book to help you understand how tapping can be the game changer in your life for getting past anything that's holding you back or has you stuck.


It takes very little time and very few resources to learn tapping and teach it to others. 
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