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Bless This House.... sells  House Blessing and smudging products and services for cleansing/smudging/ blessing your body, energy and space. BTH... sells energy items to create spiritual, emotional and spiritual strength and stamina. When structures or people are exposed to negative energy, illness, anxiety, stress, depression etc, it can leave a psychic imprint on the body or structure. Sometimes this energy can attract more of the same if not cleansed.
​I'm Denise Lucille - an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church and I use Bless This House.... as a vessel, to integrate many light spiritual resources (Catholicism, Native American Spirituality, Energy Psychology (EFT), A Course in Miracles, Reiki Energy, Numerology) in my Energy blessings and smudging, healing rituals and kits. I am of Italian and Native American decent.
As a Reiki practitioner (2007) a Catholic (1985), and a practicing numerologist (1991). I have adopted a mufti-faceted spiritual approach which allows me to work well with most spiritual faiths and ideologies. I have experienced firsthand, the power of the house blessing ceremony and the items that come into our space, and the power of integrating various light spiritual resources into my energy work. I feel strongly that there is room for multiple spiritual tools when healing a person or space. I have been utilizing my background in Numerology, Catholicism, Reiki and Native American cultural techniques/beliefs for many years.

Bless This House.... offers a "party business" where I present and teach my Blessing and Numerology to others. Contact me to schedule  your own personalized numerology reading and chart.

Bless This House..... is located in Durham, North Carolina. House blessing /smudging consultations, and numerology readings can be done in person throughout the greater Raleigh/Durham area by appointment. All products can be purchased from our website "shop" page and shipped anywhere in the world. Numerology readings can be purchased online and done by phone with charts emailed anywhere in the world or you can host your own numerology/house blessing party in the great Raleigh area. Our items are all prepared with loving prayer, positive energy and have been personally blessed/smudged by Denise.
"Committed to helping all people live in their best energy"
Call for your house blessing in Durham, NC! Surrounding areas in Raleigh too!